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This is my Evergreen first post. These evergreen posts are always going to be about the direction of the blog, site, and whatever else I have going along with it. These are the updates. They are Evergreen since most blogs have them and recognize that as something that happens.

So, for my first evergreen post, I am going to talk a bit about why I am doing this and what I will be doing.


I am in need to get back into creative endeavors around gaming. After leaving the Going Last Podcast to work on my Career and enjoy my new marriage, I have now found time to be creative again. I was going to do another podcast, but I decided that it might fit my current life better to write. So here I am, writing a blog, kinda about the same stuff I did in a podcast. Except this is going to be a little more focused.

What Can you Expect?

I am planning on doing the occasional Game Review, but that might be a little bit down the road as I am focusing most of my gaming time on D&D right now.

So here are the things that I consider doing to kick this blog off.

Table Tips – These are going to be small guides on how to run a D&D or any RPG at the table. Things to keep you organized, keep your players engaged, and keep the game moving smoothly

World Building – These are going to be focused on building worlds and the campaign settings around your world. Your entire campaign can take place in one room, let’s make sure that room serves all the purposes of the story that it can.

Remixed – This is when I am going to be taking old spells, monsters, creatures, encounters and adventures from previous editions, other games, and setting to make content for another game, most likely Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Home Brew – These are going to be completely custom rules, tables, monsters, classes, backgrounds, feats, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Inspired By – These are going to be encounters, class, feats, and other things that are directly inspired by movies, tv shows, books, comics, or anything in the media. You can also expect things like. What build would Deadpool, Spock, or The Big Lebowski be?

From The Table – These are going to post the are focused on what happened in certain games this week that I played in.

I am also going to be posting things related to a few campaign-related things that have to do with my own home game and the next game that I am planning out.

How often?

Well, that is going to be tricky. Currently, my goal is to blog once a week. That should be attainable, maybe some weeks I will post more often, and maybe some weeks I will post less often

What Next?

I don’t know. Just check back often. Follow me on twitter for updates or check on Instagram to see what kind of gaming I am doing today.


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