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Dungeons and Dragons Direct – 4/21/22

StarJammer Confirmed! – D&D Direct

I don’t know about you all, but I was super jazzed at all the new D&D announcements that came from the first D&D Direct. It was hosted by B. Dave Walters and Anna Prosser with some special guests. They covered the new SpellJammer setting, more tools for DMs players. Including a collection of amazing brightly colored adventures!

Starjammer: Adventures in Space

The meme announcement and maybe the one that fans have been most interested in since for as long as I can remember — Starjammer. Starjammer uses the astral plane as a setting and the adventurers are typically calling a Starjammer ship home. The major unique about this setting is that it becomes very easy to jump from one realm or campaign setting to another.

This Set comes with some really cool things for both DMs and Players.

  • The Astral Adventurer’s Guide – This book is great for players and DMs alike. There is information about the campaign setting as well as some space themed options for players. Including 6 new races – Astral Elves, Autognomes, Hadozze, Giff, Plasmoids, and Thri-Kreen
  • Boo’s Astral Menagerie – This book is great for dungeons masters as it outlines new creatures found in wild space and the Astral Sea Including Space Clowns, Vampirates, and I think I saw a pirate flumph in the live stream.
  • Light of Xaryxis – This is the adventure that comes with its. It is designed for characters levels 5-8 (But make sure to check out the preview adventure on the D&D site!)
  • Double Sided Poster Map – This shows off the Rock of Bral, which is an asteroid city that would make a solid hub. Think Elfsong Tavern… but a CITY ON A ROCK IN SPACE WHAT!!!
  • And of course a four-panel Dungeon Master Screen with tables and such that you will want quick access to while running these games.

This will be released on August 22nd and you can preorder Starjammer: Adventures in Space now!

D&D Starter Set

A brand new starter set has been announced with update rules, digital tie ins, and all kinds of great stuff to get you playing D&D with your friends. The Dungeons and Dragons Starter set: Dragons of Stormwreck Ilse will have a 48 page booklette to get you rolling, a 32 page adventure for levels 1-3, and a set of dice to share.

They didn’t detail the digital ad-ons but, I am excited to see what they are.

You can preorder The New D&D starter set now and it will be released on 7/31/22

Journey Through the Radiant Citadel

Much like Tales From the Yawning Portal Journey Through The Radiant Citadel Is an anthology style book that features thirteen standalone adventures from levels 1-14. I am super excited about the Day of the Dead style adventure called The Fiend of Hollow Mind I believe from the live stream. Also the other two they mentioned also seemed like they would be a lot of fun to wrap into a home campaign.

  • 13 Adventures for levels 1-14
  • Introduces the Radiant Citadel – Might be a good spot for your new SpellJammer campaign
  • 11 New Monsters to add to your Roster.

You can preorder Journey Through the Radiant Citadel for a 6/21/22 release

Campaign Case Creatures

This and the next product are the two that I am the most excited about personally. I love any tools to help bring my story to the table. And, the Campaign Case: Creatures is just one of those products. They showed it a bit on stream, and the pics don’t really do it justice. But, the flat disks come with clings to put monsters on them. This is going to be great, more so since it isn’t out of the question that we will get more clings as well as some folks selling custom ones.

  • 64 Discs with 3 sizes (Med, Large, Huge) and 4 colors.
  • 5 sheets of cling monsters to apply
  • 2 storage trays
  • a storage folder for clings
  • A durable box

And, yes, you can pre-order the Campaign Case : Creatures now for a 7/19 release date!

Campaign Case Terrain

Going hand and hand with the creature case we have the Campaign Case: Terrain. This is very similar to the previous item in that it is a case and it comes with clings as well as map pieces to help build you next scene in your D&D game. I think this, more than even the Creature case (which I will pre-ordering both) , for me. Mini’s for me in my home games don’t matter as much as the cool terrain and maps. For me, this is a must have!

  • 30 double-sided interlocking terrain tiles with Dungeon and Wilderness print on them
  • 5 sheets of reusable clings (much like the monster ones… in fact, you could use a monster one on these to signify a fallen foe.
  • a 22″ x 22.5″ laminated gridded map with wilderness print and dungeon print on either side.
  • A storage folder for the clings
  • And a sweet storage case.

You can pre-oder Dungeon Case :Terrain now for a 7/19/22 release

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Now Dragonlance isn’t a campaign setting I know too much about, and they didn’t really reveal much about the product. What I picked up on this one was that it is an adventure style board game, and it sounds like it is co-op, which I do enjoy. There is a digital component to this game, I am not sure how that takes affect, but I hope it is not needed to play the game. But, we will see.

This is slated to release sometime in 2022. I haven’t found a place online to pre-order, but if you have a game store near you I am sure they can help

Dungeons & Dragons : Onslaught

So this is interesting to me in that I love miniature skirmish games. D&D: Onslaught is a skirmish style game (meaning you have only a handful of units) you go against an opposing FR faction (chosen by the other player) to race through a dungeon defeating monsters, and maybe each other, on your race to the loot.

The starter set has enough to get two folks playing. You get a squad of Harpers and a Squad of Zhents to battle it out in the dungeons as well as some monsters to get in there way. There is also a campaign element to this game. I am not sure how it will tie in, but I hope it is similar to old-school Mordheim.

  • 21 Minatures, fully painted.
  • 1 Double sided Game Board
  • 4 D20s
  • 16 Dial Cards
  • 26 Standard Cards
  • 44 Mini cards
  • 71 tokens, a 4 standees
  • 14 Terrain Elements
  • 1 Rulebook, and 1 Scenario Guide

You can pre-oder Dungeons & Dragons : Onslaught today for a Q3 release


And that covers most of the stuff they showed off with the D&D Direct presentation. They did talk a little about BG 3, a new action RPG video game from Gearbox, and a little about the movie. But, to be honest. Those aren’t normally my wheel house. But, if you are into it, or even if you’re not. Check out the stream! It was really great to watch and I hope to see more soon!

Additional Links
  • Frostgrave is a great Skirmish level mini’s game if you want to get a taste before Onslaught. And, you can use your own miniatures.
  • If you are looking to learn more about Dragonlance you can find the 2e Players guide to Dragonlance over on Drive Thru RPG for $5 (US) and it is a great way to lean a little more about the setting
  • And if you want to get into some D20 spacefaring action before Starjammer rolls out, I think Starfinder is a solid game to check out!
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