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  • Partry of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons adventures looking at a Beholder

    Monster Roles & Tactics | D&D 5e Table Tips

    Monster Roles in D&D 5e Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition has a mechanic in which if you damage someone who is unconscious they will slip closer to death by automatically failing a death saving throw, and three death saves and your character is dead. When as a DM do you decide that the enemy is going to make that attack or move on to the next threatening target? For this, the 4th edition of D&D had some basic guidelines. I am going to take those guidelines and expand on them.…

  • The Approach of the British Pirate Alabama

    Theater of the Mind | D&D 5E Table Tips

    Didn’t we already have this discussion? D&D and Theater of the Mind? Blech. Keep your theater to yourself and gimme the minis! Joking aside, I will almost always run D&D with miniatures and a battle mat. It is my preferred way, I feel more engaged and I feel like my decisions make more sense and have a real effect on the combat. I am even one of those fringe folk that will use visual aids with Shadowrun and White Wolf games. But, I do find time that on occasion I…

  • Evergreen First Post

    This is my Evergreen first post. These evergreen posts are always going to be about the direction of the blog, site, and whatever else I have going along with it. These are the updates. They are Evergreen since most blogs have them and recognize that as something that happens. So, for my first evergreen post, I am going to talk a bit about why I am doing this and what I will be doing. Why? I am in need to get back into creative endeavors around gaming. After leaving the…