About Me

Justin ToHitAC0 Turner on the JoCo Cruise


Hi! I am Justin and I am a gamer and this is my blog!

Why Should you care about what I have to say?

Well. I don’t really know if you should or not, but I think my unique experiences give me a perspective that is helpful to share. I have been an avid gamer from the time I could remember rolling dice. I started with Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition when I was a freshman in High School, and I have built characters, worlds, and lasting friendships ever since. I also was the co-creator and host of the Going Last tabletop gaming podcast where a built lasting friendships with amazing game creators, writers, and designers. I have been involved with organized play programs for 4th and 5th edition of D&D and Shadowrun. I was also a writer for the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition organized play campaign setting Ashes of Athas.

So, that is my pedigree, but check back on the site and see what I have to say, and let that judge for yourself.

So you say this is a Tabletop Gaming Blog, but you talk about mostly D&D, what other games are you going to play or talk about?

I am planning on doing some reviews of new games and expansions as I get my hands on them. I spend most of my time with RPGs, and specifically D&D. So, I will focus on D&D. Character Concepts, redoing information from older editions and updating them for 5e, DM tips, World Building, and things related will be some of the things you can look forward to.

What do you do besides play games?

Well, my day job is in tech. But, I spend a lot of time with my wife and close friends watching movies, playing video games, and riding my motorcycle.

I have some ideas, requests or questions?

You can reach out to me here, or follow me on twitter or Instagram as @ToHitAC0